About Me

I’ve been hosting spoken word events in central London for 9 years with Bloomsbury Voices and more recently with Future Perfect and Juke Box Stories.  All three ensembles were purposely created to showcase new writing.  With Bloomsbury Voices the focus is poetry, with Future Perfect it’s more about prose with bite and Juke Box Story nights feature a bevy of highly excitable new writers in an atmosphere of barely controlled mayhem.  Oh and there’s often live music too.  Along the way I’ve had a few things published, so far mainly poems in, The South Bank Poetry Magazine, The London Miscellany Magazine, The Camden Journal, various poetry pamphlets. Bloomsbury Voice – my first, self-published pamphlet came out in 2012, swiftly followed by a saucy, prose collection, called Racier Things.  My background is in theatre and media and I’m currently earning some of my daily bread as a writer-announcer for television.   I am also working on my first novel whose working title is, ahem, “Indigestion”.

Follow @Bloomsburyboho on Twitter for all the latest performance info.

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