Waiting for an important agent to get back to me…

I am a carousel.  One day up, filled with optimism and hope – they will like my book enough to take me on and guide me through the re-writes.  What fun.  “Of course I don’t mind re-shaping characters, altering the plot and going round one more time as you put it.” (Aside) I will do absolutely anything and everything you say because, you LIKE my book.  

        Next day down.  Still no email/call.  They hate my book.  No one will ever like my book.  My book is shit.  I will never write another book.  I must die NOW….or at least lie down and then eat chocolate.

Today is somewhere in between.  No email/call yet but happily, chocolate remains wrapped and visions of Beachy Head blurry at best.  Better do some work.  Or better still, get writing.  Now what was that idea for a Sicilian-shopkeepers-in-London comedy I dreamt about last night?  Seemed like such a corker while I was unconscious beneath the duvet…


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I am a poet, novelist, salon hostess and enterprising organiser of: spoken word and music events; writers' workshops; literary supper parties and bespoke consultations for budding writers. View all posts by stephaniegerra

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