My funny Valentine…..

On this happy/sad day that vexes some and pleases others, a poem:


Hard flower of my Heart

Flower of my secret

Flower of my secret Heart

 You Bloom

Your feathers unfold and prick

In the night-heated dark.

 You push apart

The fleshy petals of my heart

As it resists

And there you glow

Bright, White and Golden

A molten Presence with wings

Wings of Desire

Wings of Fire

Male, godlike, harsh, fleet

In a moment Gone,

 Absence in your wake, like Valentine’s Day.

About stephaniegerra

I am a poet, novelist, salon hostess and enterprising organiser of: spoken word and music events; writers' workshops; literary supper parties and bespoke consultations for budding writers. View all posts by stephaniegerra

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