Publishing Industry Day in Brighton yesterday was fab

Another great trip to Brighton yesterday.  

Q: Why don’t I just be bold and move down there?  

A: Don’t bloomin’ well know.

As I seem to jump at any excuse to head there and anywhere else in East Sussex that beckons…..hmm?

 Food for thought.

Well, the day itself yielded useful info and great contacts: A possible lead for a literary agent.  An influential, literary lady with a bookshop that sells cocktails who I shall be visiting forthwith. A willing critical reader for my novel.  A new and exciting route to possible publication and delightful conversations over delicious snacks with bookish friends.

Big thanks must go to New Writing South for a great day, organised with a generosity of spirit and friendliness sometimes missing in more hectic London…God.  Victoria Station!  A rat run, even at 6am!

Other news….

Did I tell you I’m reading Margo in a performance of the film script of All about Eve on BH Monday, 26th of May?  No?  Well, pay attention, cos I’m telling you now.  

Tickets from: Old Red Lion Box Office 0844 412 4307

 or book through Euroscript

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