Don’t always hold back from phoning literary agents….

Lesson to meek, newbie authors seeking representation – I’d sent a personalised submission (I name-dropped a mutual acquaintance) to an agent ten days ago and this morning still hadn’t received an acknowledgement.

I thought this odd/unusually rude, as the name-dropping usually works a treat and elicits interest, or at the very least, a quick response.

Anyhows, not being afflicted with too much meekness, I didn’t leave it there but called said agent, whose assistant was very apologetic and did some research on my behalf. Only to find, that my original email and its various attachments had never arrived.

So at her request, I re-sent…..and re-sent, to, btw, the address cited on the agent’s website for such submissions(!)  Several phone calls later from the now very befuddled assistant, resulted in the happy news that…err, my submission had finally arrived/been found….in….err….wait for it……the ‘junk mail’.

Omen? Let’s wait and see….

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I am a poet, novelist, salon hostess and enterprising organiser of: spoken word and music events; writers' workshops; literary supper parties and bespoke consultations for budding writers. View all posts by stephaniegerra

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